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Chevrolet began as a collaboration between two of the most iconic figures in American automobile history, Louis Chevrolet and William Durant. The former was a racing driver with multiple Indianapolis 500 runs under his belt, and the latter founded General Motors before being forced out of the company. In the fledgling years of the American auto industry, the big players went through tumultuous relationships and many executives passed in and out of the company. Notably, Durant became the majority shareholder of the Chevrolet brand, and used the excessive brand power to purchase the majority of General Motors itself, folding in the Chevrolet marque and growing it to be the most profitable and well known facet of the General Motors group of automobiles.


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Today, Chevrolet produces over two dozen models for sale in North America and worldwide, with a significant portion of factory production taking place in Canada. As a result, used Chevrolet auto parts are of high build quality, and readily available to the North American market both for aftermarket projects and service-life replacement in actively produced and classic automobiles. No matter what the part, or for what model, used Chevrolet auto parts are easily accessible through Auto Parts Inc.

Chevrolet sports an impressive variety of automobiles, eschewing the typical specialization toward "luxury" or "economical" automobile markets, and instead offering a diverse selection of cars ranging from the subcompact Aveo, to the class-leading supercar Corvette. Chevy's Silverado sits as the second best selling vehicle in the United States, and Chevy's Impala has been an incredible success since its inception in the late '50's. Chevrolet has pioneered a number of important advancements during this time, including the venerable V-8 platform which Chevy has been building continuously since the '50's. With an incredible range of power characteristics and designs, the Chevy V-8 has seen use in medium-duty workhorse pickup trucks, to the staggering 638 horsepower Corvette engine.

In all cases, used Chevy auto parts are produced domestically, backed up by Chevrolet's industry-leading service guarantee, and accessible via Auto Parts Inc's enormous repository of used and new parts available to the consumer. Contact Auto Parts Inc. to inquire about the specific used Chevy auto parts you require.