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Lexus began, and continues as, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation and represents the luxury auto division of Toyota. The brand was first introduced to the United States in the late '80s with the Lexus LS, a sedan designed for the high-end market and somewhat separated from the reputation (albeit a good one) that Toyota had accrued in North America.


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Western society necessitated a change in marketing practices when releasing higher end brands, evidenced by Honda's Acura line and Nissan's Infinity marque, and Lexus was no different; a different brand name to represent a different and separate level of performance and luxury. Despite the marketing subversion, Lexus is backed by Toyota's legendary reliability, and is consistently recognized as a result: J.D. Power and Associates has given Lexus top honors for most reliable automobile for more than a decade, and Consumer Reports consistently names Lexus as one of the most reliable brands of automobile.

Marketed originally by Saatchi & Saatchi, Lexus from the very beginning enjoyed success in the American markets and the brand was gradually rolled out worldwide. Riding on the success of superior build quality and excellent parts, Lexus rolled out additional models, and within a scant two years Lexus was the top selling luxury import brand in the United States, beating out the behemoths of BMW and Mercedes.

used Lexus auto parts and automobiles, with the notable exception of the RX series, are designed and built in Japan under strict quality control procedures and with the most advanced technology the automobile world can bring to the table. The RX enjoys great success in the North American and worldwide markets, with production taking place in Ontario, Canada.

Above all, Lexus is known for its reliable parts, incredible service and luxurious support systems designed to take care of the customer at every junction. The superior serviceability of Lexus automobiles, combined with huge North American sales has lead to a reliable network of spare parts and used parts, a network that Auto Parts Inc. has at its fingertips.

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