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Founded in 1917 and soon after acquired by Ford, Lincoln is one of the oldest American automobile brands and certainly one of the oldest renowned for luxury. Named after Abraham Lincoln, a figure admired by the company founder Henry Leland (who was one of the co-founders of Cadillac,) the company originally built aircraft engines. The factories were converted to produce luxury automobiles, and Ford took the company under its wing.


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The early 1920's saw the Lincoln brand spread across the United States as numerous body styles were introduced, and Lincoln produced hundreds of police cruisers featuring revolutionary disc brakes (in addition to bullet proof glass), and such vehicles were seen all around the country.

Lincoln has a reputation for utmost luxury and quality, and no better testimonial could be brought forth than the very industries Lincolns were employed in, from the vast majority of limosines worldwide, to the incredible distinction of Lincolns being the preferred official Presidential limosines. Numerous American presidents toured the country in Lincoln Continentals, Cosmopolitans, and other custom designs incorporating a host of protective and innovative features.

Today, Lincolns enjoy a fantastic place in the custom car and restoration market, with enthusiasts reviving the behemoth Lincoln Continentals of the 70's, the rounded and agile convertibles of the 40's, and even the flagship Touring sedans first built in the 1920's. American made for nearly a hundred years, Lincolns are built from a rich diversity of parts, parts which are available to consumers directly through

used Lincoln auto parts are built to rigorous standards, tested over the last century, and part of a storied and weaving trail of history. Contact Auto Parts Inc. today to inquire about the used Lincoln auto parts you need to obtain.