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Pontiac, in some form or another, has been producing and selling vehicles in North America since 1926. Pontiac's name stems from the Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works Company, a transportation company that began producing vehicles in 1906. General Motors solidified its interest in Pontiac from the very beginning, and the official "Pontiac" marque first reached official status during a merger between Pontiac Spring & Wagon, and GM's Oakland Motor Company in 1908. The first true Pontiac automobiles were produced once GM's acquisition of Oakland was completed in 1909, and Pontiac later went on to outlast Oakland, the latter ceasing all automobile production in the early "30s.


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From the beginning, Pontiac was a symbol of reliability, if not one of especially great performance. Early models like the Master Six, the Pontiac Chief of the late '20s and the subsequent Torpedo and Streamliner style automobiles to grace the '40s suffered a reputation of sluggishness while still maintaining high build quality and reliability.

This all changed in 1955, when Pontiac introduced an overhead valve V-8 sporting 173 horsepower, an engine that settled nicely into a series of exciting new models, and a newfound reputation as a performance car manufacturer. Ever since, Pontiac has been synonymous with high performance, unusually exciting cars and a divergence from the typical class of mid-level sedans with uninspired styling. Throughout the muscle car era, the mighty horsepower years, Pontiac was a formidable force with the GTO and Tempest under its belt, and the visionary thinking of one John DeLorean, the creater of the GTO phenomenon.

The introduction of the Pontiac G6 and G8 series has reinvigorated a company with an already-storied past, and the legacy continues unabated. Pontiac continues to be a reliable automobile manufacturer, and used Pontiac auto parts are unparalleled in build quality and availability.

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