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Saturn began as a fully-owned subsidiary of General Motors in the mid 1980s, and was absorbed into the GM core infrastructure in 2003.


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General Motors sought a diversification of it's reliance on typical American-style automobiles, and created Saturn as a competitor to smaller cars being imported from overseas. The fuel crunch brought on an increased demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, and increasing urban populations spurred the production of smaller, more manageable cars. Saturn combined this new design philosophy with a radically different method of selling cars and interacting with customers, and has continually earned high marks in customer satisfaction and exemplary customer service.

Initially Saturn cars used a dedicated production platform, incorporating a Z-body design and 1.9 L straight-4 engine into its entire automobile line. Engines were available in SOHC and DOHC formats, and for most of the initial S-series (produced until 2002) the only changes were aesthetic. In 2000, Saturn went through a substantial change with the introduction of the L-Series and began producing vehicles outside of the main Spring Hill Saturn plant. It was during this period that closer integration with GM began to occur, with Saturn vehicles sharing common GM automobile platforms and engine designs found in other GM vehicles and in GM's Europeal Opel line of automobiles.

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