Car Auto Parts Inc. has access to 100's of low mileage Engines and reconditioned Engines waiting for delivery. Auto Parts Inc. has access to Engines for all different makes and models of vehicles.


"I needed a front end differential for my half ton truck. The dealer quoted me $2000 and my best price I could find from a wrecker was $1500. Auto Parts Inc. found the part for $500 delivered to my door !! I am so thankful I found them."

- Kelly and Warren

"Never has looking for car parts been so easy for us, using AutoPartsInc.com unique method of locating parts has saved us both time and money !!"

- J & K Auto Wholesalers

Car Parts - Engines
If you are in need of new or used car parts for your Car, you've come to the right place. Auto Parts Inc. has access to vast selection of both new and used parts for your Car. Accessible all at your finger tips.

How AutoPartsInc.com works?
AutoPartsInc.com is one of the largest online car parts-location services with access to new and used car parts with warranty information, across North America. All you have to do is enter your part request through our secure online ordering system and within minutes your request will be sent to parts suppliers all over North America. At AutoPartsInc.com we know our clients lead busy lives so we do the leg work for you.

Your next step?
After entering your request just sit back, relax, and wait for your quotes to come in. After selecting the quote of your choice, simply contact the parts supplier at the contact information provided to you and wait to have your part shipped to the location of your choice, whether that's your home or the garage where your vehicle awaits repair. It's that simple!

Get ready to save up to 80% off the parts that you request.

One stop shopping without the hassle of wondering whether you're getting the most competitive price in the market.