Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does work ?
A: works sort of like a brokerage service connecting people that need parts with the wreckers that have them. This service comes at no cost to the consumer and the best parts is that all the hunting around is taken care of. We also help drive down the price of your parts because there is multiple wreckers all competing to get your business.

Q: Who handles the transaction ?
A: The transaction is taken care of between the customer and the wrecking yard that has the part(s). In no way is involved in the transaction or at all responsible or accountable for it. We suggest that the best form of payment is by Credit Card.

Q: Who is responsible for warranty ?
A: The warranty is for the agreed time between the customer and the wrecker and in no way involves Should there be a warranty issue that is something that should be taken care of by the wrecking yard you choose to do business with.

Q: Where should I direct questions that I may have ?
A: There is a contact us page included the website to help take care of any questions consumers may have. We offer a 24 hour turnaround time on all emails sent into our customer care department.

Q: What if my part(s) are damaged in shipping ?
A: Please be cautious to inspect all parts before signing for them. Once the part is signed for it is now your responsibility and warranty from wreckers will not cover shipping damage to parts.

Q: How do I track my parts in shipping ?
A: The best suggestion is to contact the wrecker that you did business with and get a tracking number from them. Then contact the delivery company they used to send your part(s) to you and follow up to see where your part is.

Q: What if I put through a request and don't hear anything back ?
A: From the moment you send through a request it is immediately off and in the hands of all the wreckers on our network. You should see a response back within a 48 hour period of time, at the latest and if you don't hear anything back. The best thing to do is re-submit the request, as the inventory of our wreckers is changing on a daily basis and it's a possibility that they may have your part in stock.

Special Note: At we aim to have the highest level of customer service and support for our customers and wreckers that work with us. However is in no way responsible for the transactions that take place between the consumers and wrecking yards. The team will do it's best to help, should any problems or questions arise as a result of using our services but in no way is liable or responsible for anything to do with the transactions that take place.